Barbarella Briliant von T&IA

born : 27.01.2012

Father :WWCH Joker Show Lacky L. Max

MATHER : CH  IMAGE CHERNAYA LINIYA /first therapy dog in Bulgaria , 4 place in agility competition  /

Barbarella / Bibi / has the best nature has inherited his mother Image, and she have perfect STRUCTURE his father - she is friendly, smart, executive and extremely loving. First and expression of the dog show was a success and the first workout of agility proved that it is a perfect dog and the good news is - she likes agility!
Congratulations to new owners  in Norway and We hope she is as successful in dog shows and agility contests - for us it's perfect for agility competitions.


Barbarella Briliant T&IA first agility taining 09.06.2012

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